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Shipping only £1.99 on orders over £40! Won’t find branded goods CHEAPER anywhere else! If you do, let us know…👀
Shipping only £1.99 on orders over £40! Won’t find branded goods CHEAPER anywhere else! If you do, let us know…👀

Aqua Clean Baby 99% Purified Water Wipes, Pack of 72 x 16 (1152 Wipes)

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✔Pure and Gentle elements for skin protection

Infant’s skin is more delicate and can easily prone to damage and irritation. Aqua baby cleansing wipes are made with cotton to give a soft and gentle touch to infants like a warm mother’s hug.

The majority of health care professionals recommend water-based wipes for premature as well as new-born. Our baby cleaning wipes are 99% based on triple filtered water for smoothly cleanse the sensitive skin of adolescents.

Natural aloe vera extracts are also included in these baby wipes to boost up their effectiveness. Aloe vera is enriched with Vitamin A, C, Anti-oxidants, and enzymes that are critical for exfoliating and moisturizing skin.

Citrus acid is citrus plant extracts that are a natural disinfectant against germs and bacteria. Our baby wipes provide a matchless blend of water and plant extracts to keep your little one’s skin soft and smooth and safe from germs.

✔Suitable for most sensitive skin

Our product is enriched with ingredients that are mild on the skin. Therefore, it is appropriate for all skin types ranging from sensitive skin to newborn. Due to heavy aqua content, it is genuinely gentle enough for even premature.

✔Clinically approved and Chemical + fragrance-free

Aqua wipes is a vegan-friendly unscented baby wipes product. It is a dermatologically tested and NHS-approved product. Hence, completely safe for your young ones.

Aqua wipes are do not have any artificial perfume. It's a purely organic baby wipes that are entirely free from alcohol, paraben, plastic, hypoallergenic, and many other harmful chemicals that cause sensitive skin to breakdown.

Our organic water-based baby wipes perfect for :

  • Diaper changing
  • Wiping off baby’s hand and face.

(72 Wipes x 16)