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Microban Microfibre Antibacterial Cleaning Pad

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The unique Microfibre fabric creates greater surface contact picking up the finest particles, including grease, which normal cleaning cloth fibres cannot pick out.

Have confidence with the hygienic Microban® antibacterial protection range of scourers, pads and cloths! Microban antibacterial protection helps prevent unpleasant odours and stains which may be caused by the build up of bacterial growth within the structure of this product. These kitchen cloths have been treated with the antimicrobial biocide zinc pyrithione.

Microban antibacterial protection products are to be used in conjunction with regular cleaning routines to maintain normal hygiene practices.
  • More Hygienic than Ordinary Cleaning Pads
  • Protection that Lives On
  • Helping to keep bacteria at bay
  • With Built in Microban Antibacterial Protection
  • Kills 99% of Bacteria within the Cloth
  • Microfibre Cloths that Stay Fresher & Cleaner - For Longer


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