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Shipping only £1.99 on orders over £40! Won’t find branded goods CHEAPER anywhere else! If you do, let us know…👀
Shipping only £1.99 on orders over £40! Won’t find branded goods CHEAPER anywhere else! If you do, let us know…👀

Airpure Plug-In Moments™ Plug in Unit

by Airpure

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    Key Features:

    • Plug-in Design: Designed to be plugged into standard electrical outlets.
    • Compatible with Refills: Works with Airpure plug-in air freshener refills.
    • Adjustable Settings: Often features adjustable fragrance intensity settings.
    • Continuous Fragrance: Provides continuous fragrance in your home or office.
    • Easy to Use: Simply insert the refill into the plug-in unit and plug it into an outlet.

    Product Description: The Airpure Plug-in Unit is a convenient way to enjoy continuous fragrance in your living space. It operates by releasing bursts of fragrance at regular intervals, depending on the settings you choose. The device is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to easily replace refills as needed to maintain a pleasant aroma.

    Usage Instructions:

    1. Insert Refill: Remove the cap from the refill and insert it into the plug-in unit.
    2. Adjust Settings: Set the desired fragrance intensity level (low, medium, high).
    3. Plug In: Plug the unit into a standard electrical outlet.


    • Continuous Freshness: Keeps your home smelling fresh throughout the day.
    • Adjustable Settings: Customize the intensity of the fragrance to your preference.
    • Convenient: No need for batteries; simply plug into an outlet for immediate use.
    • Versatile: Suitable for use in various rooms, including living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

    For specific details about the Airpure Plug-in Unit, including available models and additional features, I recommend checking the product packaging or visiting Airpure's official website. They can provide comprehensive information tailored to this specific product and its functionality.